What are SMART Marketing Goals?

[this is an excerpt from a post by Mike Lemire of HubSpot. Click here to read it.]

Goals are great — they help us prove how effective we are, keep us focused, and push us to be better. The thing is, though, goals are totally useless if they’re not grounded in reality.

focus on your goal A SMART goal must be:

Set real numbers with real deadlines. Don’t say, “I want more visitors.”

Make sure that you can track your goal. Don’t hide behind buzzwords like “brand engagement” or “social influence.”

Work toward a goal that is challenging but possible. Don’t try to take over the world in one night.

Be honest with yourself, because you know what you and your team are capable of. Don’t forget any hurdles you may have to overcome.

Give yourself a deadline. Don’t keep pushing towards a goal you might hit “some day.”

At the end of the day you, your business, your clients … even your audience … deserve to have a game plan that keeps you focused and accountable.

Unlike that old saying “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”, setting SMART goals will pave your road – to success.