What is a pop-up business?

What is a pop-up business?

Pop-Up businesses provide unique ways to grow, test, and market.

 of SMALL BIZ SURVIVAL, THE RURAL AND SMALL TOWN BUSINESS RESOURCE, explains what a Pop-Up Business is in the following post. I highly recommend you follow SmallBizSurvival too – it’s a wonderfully informative and friendly site!

photo: Becky McCray

Webster City, Iowa, bakery with a retail pop-up business tucked into a corner. Photo by Becky McCray.

A pop up business is just a temporary business. Different authors may add different qualifiers, but I like to keep things simple. A pop-up is a way to take advantage of fleeting opportunities, test whether an idea is workable and to learn from direct experience.

Pop-ups can be:

  • Booths and stands at festivals
  • Short-term stores for the holiday season
  • Displays of items for sale inside another business
  • Fireworks stands around holidays
  • Vendors at the farmers market
  • Sno-cone stands during the summer

Pop-ups may temporarily occupy a full-sized business space like a downtown building, may be located inside another business, or may be in a non-traditional space [ … read more]