Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

I love Landing Pages because they’re where the rubber meets the road. I love the power of Infographics like this one from Formstack to explain how things work.

A bit about Landing Page mechanics: You connect to me/my business through email, blog, newsletter, website, referral … and you’re interested in what I do/say/offer. So you click on a link.  Here … learn more. And if you like what you see, you’ll share some info with me so I can keep you up to date and offer you enticing things to help you convert from browser to qualified lead to buyer! Or maybe you’ll bite right then and there.

The Landing Page is where the action happens. Sign up here. Do It Now. Like our page. View our Demo. Take advantage of our special promotions …  If you don’t know Landing Pages from landfills, click on the big image for FormStack’s helpful ideas and examples.

 Some other Landing Page examples:

Landing Page example

A Landing Page example from Hubspot

Click here for landing page examples from HubSpot. They sell Inbound Marketing solutions (lead generation) and have tons of great ideas.

I’d love to share some of your thoughts on what types of landing pages work best for YOU at converting browsers into buyers. Any ideas??