A movable feast for the eyes

flowers in the wind

flowers in the wind. [image credit: melinda moses, sunshine farm, sherborn, ma. all rights reserved]

I am grateful for mother nature, modern technology, and a bit of a good eye. This image was taken on my phone (Note4) using standard camera app, 16×9 high res, burst mode. Google Photos did the rest and converted it to an animated gif which I downloaded to my MacBook Pro and shared via URL to this post.

Snail Mail for Children – A very special gift idea for very special people

Snail Mail for Children – A very special gift idea for very special people

How wonderful it is to say “Hello. I Love You. I’m Thinking of You” to your favorite little person. Every month.

I love The Petit Cadeau’s  Snail Mail for Children because it does exactly that.

Every month the child will receive a colorful, fun, engaging letter in their mailbox that features something special from Oliver + Olivia.

At $37.50 (including postage!) for six months of eagerly awaited joy (and a great excuse to talk with those little blessings later), it’s totally worth it. I can’t wait to hear about the response from my niece and nephew when they get theirs.

Alison is an artisan and “Thoughtful Gift” enabler. (love that). She sells her Snail Mail for Children on Etsy and shares great ideas and content on her website. She’s done a great job putting something creative, useful and affordable together and I highly recommend checking it out.


What is a pop-up business?

What is a pop-up business?

Pop-Up businesses provide unique ways to grow, test, and market.

 of SMALL BIZ SURVIVAL, THE RURAL AND SMALL TOWN BUSINESS RESOURCE, explains what a Pop-Up Business is in the following post. I highly recommend you follow SmallBizSurvival too – it’s a wonderfully informative and friendly site!

photo: Becky McCray

Webster City, Iowa, bakery with a retail pop-up business tucked into a corner. Photo by Becky McCray.

A pop up business is just a temporary business. Different authors may add different qualifiers, but I like to keep things simple. A pop-up is a way to take advantage of fleeting opportunities, test whether an idea is workable and to learn from direct experience.

Pop-ups can be:

  • Booths and stands at festivals
  • Short-term stores for the holiday season
  • Displays of items for sale inside another business
  • Fireworks stands around holidays
  • Vendors at the farmers market
  • Sno-cone stands during the summer

Pop-ups may temporarily occupy a full-sized business space like a downtown building, may be located inside another business, or may be in a non-traditional space [ … read more]